Waited Long Enough?
Long Enough

Lennie and Pearl
43 years

For 43 years we have lived love-filled lives, arrayed with rich experiences, satisfying careers, and supportive family and friends. We have known "togetherness" as a special kind of sharing - ideas, daily habits, foods, likes and dislikes, travels, finances - everything! At the same time, we have maintained great respect for each other’s "individuality." As with most people, we have worked hard, paid taxes, given service to the community, and endeavored to live lives of honesty, integrity and dedication to the greater good.

But, unlike most people in the USA, we have been denied equal rights, a concept basic to the principles of our country. So, while we count our blessings for all that we have, we yearn for the right to choose to be legally married in front of our community of friends and family. We ask for the legal protections that straight people have if a spouse becomes ill or dies, such as the support given by Social Security and Worker’s Compensation. We believe that we should have been entitled to the same employment benefits such as health insurance given to our married co-workers.

Adopting children together, filing taxes together and some 1100 other federal and state benefits available to other couples have been denied to us. Yet our love and fidelity is as great, as lasting, as meaningful, as God given, as is the love of all other couples on earth. It is long past time that this basic human unfairness is remedied.

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